Voluntary Redundancy Mutual Agreement

20.5 Mutually Agreed Resignation (MAR) is a system under which an individual worker, in agreement with his employer, withdraws from the employment relationship for severance pay. Mar is not a dismissal1 or voluntary dismissal that would currently be covered by Section 16 or Section 16a (England). Severance pay should not be paid if circumstances may give a worker severance pay or severance pay under the NHS pension system rules. However, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or not being fired, you should prefer to refuse the transaction contract and go through the redundancy process. If you are fired later, you still have the right to demand compensation for wrongful dismissals. It would be unwise to offer voluntary redundancies only to those who are likely to be detained for compulsory dismissal if there are not enough volunteers. This would give those who do not accept the offer and who will then be selected a simple argument in favour of wrongful dismissal. They were able to say that their selection was predeter done and that the selection and consultation prior to their mandatory dismissal were not real. If you have a business in the Netherlands and want to lay off your staff, you must have a good reason, such as refusing to work. B, culpable behaviour, excessive absence of illness, restructuring or closure of the business. If you lay off more than 20 people at the same time for economic reasons within three months and in a geographical area, it is called collective dismissal.

A small exception to this rule applies if you receive a contribution to legal advice fees. If the contribution is valid for legal advice to a transaction contract, it can be paid tax-free. However, if your employer contributes to your legal costs for redundancy advice (in the absence of a transaction agreement), this is taxable. Increased severance pay must be calculated in the same way as statutory severance pay in order to avoid the rights to age discrimination.