Unpaid Work Experience Agreement Template

“Confidential Information” means information and physical material that is not generally known or available outside the Company, as well as information and physical material entrusted to the Company on a confidential basis by third parties. WHEREAS the intern wishes to complete an internship in order to acquire valuable knowledge, experience, training and continuing education in the company`s industry; 3.1. The intern`s normal place of work is located in the company`s office at INSERT LOCATION. 4.1. The traineeship is linked to a training objective and is therefore not remunerated. 1.1. From the beginning of the internship (start date), the intern participates in an internship as an unpaid intern. At the time of the conclusion of this Agreement, the Parties agree that neither Party may rely on prior statements that are not reflected in this Agreement. 3.3. The intern has been informed that overtime may occur and that overtime may be scheduled outside of the Company`s normal business hours.

This Internship Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) supersedes all previous agreements regarding the employment of the Intern and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the terms of the Internship. Compensation. The parties agree that this is an unpaid internship, as the intern will not be financially remunerated for the tasks performed in the company. The intern agrees that he or she will acquire valuable knowledge, experience, education and training in the company`s industry in exchange for tasks and responsibilities. “Inventions” means discoveries, developments, concepts, drawings, ideas, know-how, improvements, inventions, trade secrets and/or original works of copyright, whether patentable, protected by copyright or otherwise protected by law. You understand that this includes, but is not limited to, new products, machines, manufacturing items, biological materials, processes, processes, processes, techniques, uses, equipment, devices, devices, systems, compounds, formulations, compositions of substances, designs or configurations of any kind or their improvement. You understand that “corporate inventions” means all inventions that you may create, discover, develop, design or practice alone or jointly during the duration of the internship. Intellectual property.

The Intern agrees that all content provided to the Intern by the Company for the performance of the Intern`s duties and responsibilities, including but not limited to images, videos and text, copyrights or trademarks, is and will remain the exclusive property of the Company. The Intern agrees that all content that the Intern makes available to the Company in connection with the performance of the Intern`s duties and responsibilities, including but not limited to images, videos and text, copyrights or trademarks, is the exclusive and legal property of the Intern, but the Intern grants the Company a non-exclusive sublicense, Transferable, sublicensable, Worldwide Royalty-Free License to use this content in connection with the intern`s duties and responsibilities. All documents developed by the Company using the Content remain the exclusive property of the Company. Any Work Product that the Intern may create under this Agreement will remain the exclusive property of the Company. 6.2. The copyright in the software developed by the trainee as part of the implementation of his traineeship is transferred to the company without compensation and without restriction. The copyright on the other creations created by the intern during the internship also belongs to the company. .