Student Agreement Sample

professional liability insurance for workers and students: the HRC has, at its own expense, professional liability or self-insurance insurance, $200,000 per incident and $1,000,000 per year, no less than $1,250,000 per combination of insurance and qualification and participation in the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act, the claimant`s staff and students (including domestic officials) for claims under the Act on the medical liability of the Nebraska hospital for bodily injury or death on allegations of misconduct, professional negligence, failure to perform due diligence, offence or any other claim based on failure to obtain informed consent for an operation or treatment. Student Calendar: CHS is responsible for planning and preparing the student useful teaching experience schedule and informs UNMC in advance of changes in enrolment, staff structure, patient load and policy changes that may affect clinical training for students. Expenditures: The parties agree that each party is responsible for expenses or expenses incurred, unless the parties agree in this agreement or in a separate memorandum. The common goal of both parties is to provide a clinical experience for students at UNMC Nursing University. The parties agree that CHS will allow a mutually agreed number of students to join CHS for a period determined by UNMC to provide services to patients with CHS under the supervision of UNMC (Nursing). Education and supervision: LEMC is responsible for the academic aspects of the learning experience of its students in all areas of the curriculum. Administration: A commonly agreed number of students participates and cannot exceed (10) students. UNMC selects SCH and forwards the names of registered students (ten) to SIE SCH (ten) days before the start of each study period. The CMNM is responsible for teaching, mentoring and evaluating students. Accidental exposure to the patient`s blood or bodily fluids: The parties agree with each other`s statement that students in vocational health training programs are at risk of accidental exposure to blood or bodily fluids. Sch must have a directive regarding accidental exposure to the patient`s blood or fluids. This directive includes the following conditions and all other conditions on which the two parties have agreed: the responsibility to guarantee the patient`s authorization and blood sample for the examination, responsibility for the cost of blood tests, emergency care policy for students and medications.

The student is responsible for the follow-up and is responsible for the costs. A report on the occurrence of an accidental exposure involving students or teachers is forwarded to the relevant academic department of the CHS. Sch must also have a directive outlining the vaccinations needed for students and teachers. Suspension of training privileges: SCH reserves the right to terminate the use of its facilities, equipment or supplies by students or faculty members in case of flagrant or repeated violations of sch rules, regulations, directives or procedures.