Sodexo Agreement

The cardholder undertakes to initiate all disputes concerning a transaction or entry into the card account within 15 days of the date of the transaction or the date of entry to Sodexo, without all transaction and account elements being established as correct and accepted by the cardholder. The cardholder can contact Sodexo in writing ( or through customer service (contact number: 1800 267 3030 / 1800 103 3030). Sodexo will conduct a thorough investigation and return with the results, and our results will be definitive and conclusive. 4.3 The distributor must comply with all laws, regulations and rules applicable to its business activities and ensure that this is respected for the duration of the agreement. 4. Ownership of EDC terminals does not pass to the dealership. If this contract is terminated, the distributor will return these EDC terminals to Sodexo or its authorized partners immediately and in good condition. Consumers can use the Meal Pass/Multi-Benefit Pass either via the hybrid card or via their electronic wallet on their mobile app as follows: a) MEAL PASS: Consumers can use the Imsteper in the Sodexo Merchant Web Directory, available on Sodexo`s “” website or via the mobile app/SMS service. The list of Sodexo resellers may be reviewed from time to time and it is the consumer`s responsibility to check whether the merchant accepts Meal Pass.b) MULTI-BENEFIT PASS: The Multi-Benefit Passport can be used according to the services and instructions used by the customer on the system operator`s restricted network. If the Sodexo meal passport is lost or stolen, the cardholder must report it immediately to Sodexo by calling customer service (contact number: 1800 267 3030 / 1800 103 3030) to block the card. The cardholder can also block the sodexo Meal Pass by logging on to the cardholder portal ( or via the SODEXO-ZETA app. Sodexo is not responsible for losses due to misuse of the card.

Sodexo replaces a card with a credit that was only available on the blocked card at the request of the registered holder after authentication. Such a replacement would entail costs incurred, which would be communicated to the cardholder in the welcome letter, and the card replacement requirement will only be met if these fees are deducted from the card credit. Unless there is a statutory ban, we may cancel or modify the conditions, conditions or services associated with the use of the Sodexo Meal/Resto Pass Card, including part of this agreement, without notice. We may delay a right or waive a right at any time, but such a delay or exemption will not affect the exercise of those rights in the future. You can visit to obtain the updated terms of the Sodexo Meal/Resto Pass card. 6.3 The merchant agrees that the data provided by Sodexo, and in particular the data relating to the date and amount of transactions made between the parties, serve as evidence for all transactions mentioned as a whole. It is expressly agreed between the parties that in the event of disagreement, the data and records produced by Sodexo take precedence over the data produced by the distributor. 1.11. “Sodexo distributor,” any person or entity that has entered into an agreement with Sodexo to accept the food passport against the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages (excluding tobacco). 4.1 The distributor must, during the duration of this agreement, set up Sodexo stickers and other promotional material, the Sodexo for the promotion of the Sodexo Meal/Resto Pass card for the promotion of the Sodexo Meal/Pass card for the promotion of the Sodexo-Meal/Pass card, strategically provides. Promotional stickers/supports are placed at these locations in their outlets, so that they are visible to the consumer as soon as they enter the point of sale.