Services Agreement Parties

1.1 “Affiliated” any entity that directly or indirectly controls the control of such a company or is subject to joint control with that entity (but only if that control exists) when “control” means ownership of more than 50 % of outstanding shares or securities constituting the voting right in the choice of directors or other administrative authority of such a company.1.2 “Agreement” that this Improvado service agreement and all service contracts that you contract with us is a person who is a person who is your employee or contractor, your partner`s employee or contractor, or an employee or contractor of a licensed third party to whom you authorize to create a single username and password under your account.1.4 “Customer Software” refers to the software components that must be installed on your computer or your authorized device or device. , including the Improvado.1.5 “Documentation” report dashboard refers to our user documentation in all forms. , as far as service is concerned (for example. B user manuals, online help files, etc.). 1.6 “accredited third party,” a co-company: 1.7 “Professional Services” refers to professional services listed in an order form that may include implementation, consulting and training services, but are not limited.1.8 “Service” refers to the service listed in the order form. We may change the service from time to time at our discretion.1.9 “Order Form” refers to an order form received between you and us, indicating the services it must provide, including any supplements and supplements. In entering into an order form under this contract, an affiliate undertakes to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract, as if it were an original part of the agreement.1.10 “Subscriber Data” refers to any data downloaded into the service or provided by you or, on your behalf, by you or your related companies in accordance with this agreement.1.12 “Technical Support Services” means e-mail support. , 2 hours of reaction and access to all our online resources. Technical support opening times: 5am to 11pm UTC (9pm to 3pm PST).1.13 “We” or “We” or “Our” means Improvado. or its designated partner in accordance with a service order or invoice.1.14 “you” or “your” or “subscriber” refers to the customer referred to in the order of service, the person who accepts this contract, or if the person who declares acceptance of this contract acts on behalf of a company or other corporation, that company or a corporation. Written service agreements are generally more necessary when contractual terms become more complex or need to be clarified.