Publishing Agreement Checklist

H. No deductions from “other agreements”; ideally, each book with the same publishing house is considered separately. If the Author of the Commission considers that the publishing house has not complied or does not comply with the terms of this book publishing contract, the author must inform the publisher in writing and give the publisher a period of at least 90 days to remedy these deficiencies. If the publisher does not properly deal with the questions asked by the author, the author has the right to terminate this publishing contract and establish a publishing relationship with another publishing house. The author warrants that the works subject to this book publishing agreement are their exclusive intellectual property, that there are no other similar agreements governing these works, and that the works are not in the public domain. In addition, the author guarantees that the works do not violate the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual rights of third parties. If the works governed by this publishing contract contain statements presented as facts, the author warrants that these statements are true and accurate. In addition, the author undertakes not to conclude agreements with third parties who oppose the terms of this publishing contract. B.

The publisher may not grant publishing rights, except in the event of a merger or acquisition, or may only assign them to equally serious publishers. This publishing agreement, the “Contract”, is entered into from [Contract.CreatedDate] by and between [Publisher.Company], the “Publisher” and [Author.Name], the “Author”. This publishing contract regulates the publication of the works listed below: the publisher makes available to the author a quarterly statement showing the net copies sold and the net receipts after the publication of the works as well as the quarterly license payments, in accordance with the terms of the accounting publishing contract. Reports and payments are notified to the author by the publisher no later than the last working day of each calendar quarter. The publishing house has the exclusive right to modify or modify the materials delivered at its discretion prior to publication. However, the author has the right to review the changes and grant permission before publication. While the author has the right to verify, approve and modify the content, format of the work, cover design and final artwork, the publishing house reserves the right to manufacture, distribute, market and sell the finished work according to its own indications. The publishing house undertakes to provide proof of pages of the material prior to publication. These proofs include all content, including graphics.

The author undertakes to verify these proofs within 30 days and to return them to the publisher. If the author has not yet modified the content with the exception of spelling errors exceeding 5% of the rate fee, the author undertakes to pay these costs to the publisher. The publishing house accepts that the works covered by this publishing contract will be published within one year of delivery of the original manuscript. The author undertakes to submit a finished manuscript in [manuscript.language], the “manuscript” at the latest [manuscript. DueDate] to the publishing house….