Mutual Aid Agreements Fema Answers

The IS-200 is a course developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to train people on how to prepare for disasters. The course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to set up an emergency incident command system, as well as advice on how to deal with various incidents. On this page you will find answers to all questions about the IS-200. 54. The conclusion of mutual assistance agreements to obtain resources from neighbouring jurisdictions is an example of which resource management activity? 20. The court receiving mutual assistance may receive ___ A. Transfer B. Storec. Decline D. Contempt 33. COEs can be fixed locations, temporary facilities or virtual structures with employees participating remotely.A. TRUE B. FALSE A.

Delegation of authority B. ImT Job description C. Incident Action Plan D. Outgoing Response Commander. A. Modular organization B. Comprehensive resource management C. Manageable margin of control D. Management by objective.

. Note: IS-200.c is an updated version of the IS-200 course. If you have successfully completed IS-200.b or IS-200.a, you need to check the new version of the course. For the purposes of registration, the courses are equivalent. A. Information at field level B. Information on the operational period C. Information at section level D.

Information at staff level. 25. In nimS, the inventory of resources refers to relief activities carried out outside of incident response.A. TRUE B. FALSE 21. When an incident occurs or threatens, local emergency personnel manage the response using NIMS and ICS principles. If the incident is or becomes significant or complex, _. One. Support federal organizations. B. Enable local EOCs.C.

A unified command is set up. D. Mutual assistance agreements are concluded. . 57. Which staff member serves as the working group contact point for organizations that are not included in Incident Command or Unified Command?. . . 16. Which organizations should be involved in communication planning? A. MAC Groups B. All parties involved in zone C.

ordered. Planning Section 44. What structure does nimS develop, recommend and execute public information plans and strategies?A. MAC Groups B. Incident Command System C. Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) D. Joint Information System (JIS) A. Develop subordinates for the future.

B. Step out of a tactical role to take on a leadership role as needed. C. Ensure tasks are understood. D. All of the above. 32. NIMS components are customizable for scheduled events such as sporting events.A. TRUE B.

FALSE 4. Which NIMS management functionality includes the use of standardized names and definitions for key organizational functions and units? A. General terminology B. Uniform CommandC. Modular organization D. Comprehensive resource management A. Measurable and achievable B. Contains a standard and timeline C.

Outlined to allow flexibility D. In accordance with the powers of the incident commander 10. The three guiding principles of NIMS are: A. Flexibility, standardization, unity of effort. unit of effort, preparedness, resource management.C. Planning, response, recovery. D. Resources, organization, standardization. 5.

What resource management task enables the coordination of resources throughout the incident? A. Order and buy B. Demobilize C. Repay and replenish. Track and report 4. What type of incident do these characteristics describe: Some or all of the management and general staff as well as division or group leader and/or unit leader positions are activated, the incident spans several periods of operation and a written IAP is required? 59. One of the functions of the EOC is to provide coordinated support to the management of operations, local staff and other EOC as appropriate. The area of responsibility for a Response Commander derives from the Incident Action Plan. 8. The area of responsibility of a response commander derives from existing legislation, authority guidelines and/or ______. One. A standardized management tool to meet the needs of small or large emergencies.

B. Best applicable for managing complex incidents that span several hours or days. C. A military system used in domestic incidents to ensure command and control of federal resources. D. A relatively new approach has been developed based on lessons learned from the catastrophic operations of Hurricane Harvey. . 18. Incident reports such as situation reports and status reports improve situational awareness and ensure that staff have access to the required information.A. TRUE B.

FALSE 12. What resource management task uses or enables staff and resources? A. Identify requests B. Track and report C. Order and purchase. Mobilize 19. Mutual Assistance Agreement __ What type of briefing is given to individual resources or teams assigned to operational tasks and/or working on or near the site? 48h The ______ is a central location where the operation of the Common Information System (JIS) is hosted and where public relations personnel perform tasks.A. Joint Information Centre (JIC) B. MAC Group C. Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) D. Incident Command Post 2. What ICS structure allows different jurisdictions to manage and control incident-related activities with a single incident action plan? One…