Eu China Trade Agreement 1985

Both parties are committed to encouraging visits by people, groups and delegations from the economic, commercial and industrial sectors, facilitating industrial and technical exchanges and trade contracts, and promoting the organisation of fairs and exhibitions on both sides and the provision of corresponding services. Where possible, they must provide each other with the necessary facilities for the above-mentioned activities. The IIA browser is constantly adapted by reviewing and commenting from UN member states. It is based mainly on information provided by governments on a voluntary basis. A contract is entered into a country`s IGE census after its formal conclusion; Contracts that have been negotiated but have not been signed are not counted. A contract is excluded from the IGE census as soon as its termination comes into force, whether or not it may continue to have legal effects on certain investments during its “survival” period (“sunset”). If the contract is replaced, only one of the contracts between the same parties is accounted for. Depending on the situation, the contract counted may be “old” if it remains in force until the newly concluded AI is ratified. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content, UNCTAD assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this data. The information and texts contained in the database have a purely informative purpose and have no official or legal status. If there is any doubt about the contents of the database, it is recommended that you contact the relevant ministry or states concerned. Users are encouraged to report agreements, errors or omissions via the online contact form. examine ways and opportunities for trade development and economic cooperation; Economic and trade relations between China and the EU are an important part of the overall strategic partnership between China and the EU.

By creating an important economic base, they also maintain bilateral relations between the two partners. In recent years, the fact that the heads of state and government of both sides have placed great importance on economic and trade relations between China and the EU and the active promotion of relations have yielded considerable results and enabled the rapid development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.