What fuels your “Why?”

The Millentrepreneur is a Career, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Personal blog based in the Philippines with the millennials in mind. In this day and age, I believe millennials are the ones who run the world and are the powerhouse of economies.

The blog was created with the aim of providing value to the millennial generation’s everyday endeavors and making sense of what transpires around us with the ultimate goal of serving as a guide for aspects in our life that matter.

Primarily, my goal is to share with you my experience and my thoughts on building a long-term and scalable business and all the nitty-gritty details in between to help equip you with the right knowledge as you go.

The Millentrepreneur’s Biggest “WHY?”

The millentrepreneur’s reason for being was a mix of societal, familial, and personal circumstances. Being born and raised under a Filipino middle-income household, I consider myself lucky to have had opportunities for a concrete house, good food to eat, and education in one of the top four universities in the Philippines.

I’m sure that almost all of you can relate with the plight of a normal Filipino who has a relative working as an OFW abroad, in this case, it’s my mom. At a young age, I was molded and exposed to the thought of getting through our society and having a comfortable life by being an OFW. Having a family member working abroad who supports me and my siblings from afar made me independent and be able to decide things on my own.

Fast forward to 2015, I finally got my degree in AB Behavioral Science, a sure way of assimilating myself in the corporate world and be a productive citizen. I left home and applied for big companies with the hope of financial stability and self-sustenance. Being extremely passionate, idealistic, and a seeker of self-validation that I was, I jumped from one Company to the other hoping to make a hasty impact which proved to be disillusioning. Failures and disappointments from my past decisions were everywhere, but one thing is in my mind, I was the one who made them and I am accountable for whatever may happen.

People in my life came and go, some provided value while some taught me lessons. I took risks here and there until I came to a realization that in order for me to experience the freedom – time, money, and energy – that I have always chased and fully depended on the Companies I joined, I must make the first step to build my own business. I met a sports buddy who later on became my close friend and at the same time, a startup business partner.

Today, I am still the same person with larger-than-life ambitions for a comfortable life. Only this time, with an added dash of wisdom. I am employed while building my business. And it’s my goal to share with you my vision to prove that freedom can be attained through entrepreneurship!