Dry Hire Agreement

In the event of a dry rental, the person who hires it by you is responsible for operating it during the event. For a dry rent, for example, we go back with a shovel. What if something happens to the shovel during the rental period? Water leases are a little more complicated. You want to make sure that you have covered all your basics, from the clear description of what is included in the rent to the detailed indication of the payment terms. As noted above, the following questions allow you to determine the type of rental contract you need: By documenting this properly, you can more easily ensure that the tenant retracts the equipment in the state they received. Here, you must also demonstrate that the tenant must ensure that the appliance is in perfect condition before you start using it. If so, you probably think you need a standard lease. Recently, we looked at the basics of leases. Water rents are safer because you don`t run the risk of someone else using your expensive appliances and causing accidents. But if the customer also asks you to provide the services and staff to operate the AV equipment for the event, you have a wet rent. This is because everyone who hires the shovel from you is responsible for finding someone else to use it. This is due to the fact that in addition to the equipment that is rented, a water rental includes your services during operation.

It is important to outline specific risks related to your business to ensure that the tenant is responsible for all these risks. If you want to include your services in the operation of the equipment, this is a water rental. You should set the condition of the equipment in a dry rental contract. Here you have to determine who is responsible for the condition of the equipment. If it is the tenant, you may want the tenant to make a status report when the device is returned. But if you`ve done your homework, you may have found the terms “dry rent” and “wet rent.” For some companies, it would be rare to supply an operator with equipment, such as when renting party tents for events. On the other hand, it is customary for companies to rent machines such as forklifts or diggers to supply an operator. What is included in your contract depends on the products or goods that are leased. Whenever you rent something, it`s always a good idea to know if it`s a dry or wet rent. The content of your dry lease depends on the products or goods you rent. As a general rule, these agreements contain provisions that include a clear description of the products made available, details of payment terms and other important protections and restrictions specific to your situation.

You should here. B above to find out if the tenant should pick up the equipment or deliver it to you.