Dha Data Sharing Agreement Application

The DSAs set the conditions for the electronic exchange of customs and postal data, including: at the request of several entities to provide a multilateral framework for data exchange, first for the exchange of customs data, IPC launched in 2015 the first global data sharing agreement (DSA 1). With the advent of the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the IPC coordinated in 2018 the development of the world`s second DSA, known as DSA 2, which supports compliance with the GDPR. DSA 1 and DSA 2 remain active and in force, with continued expansion and great interest in both agreements. Regarding the status of this update, DSA 1 has more than 70 postal operators and DSA 2 more than 20 contributions that use the service. By signing DSA 1 and/or DSA 2, postal operators undertake to implement and comply with these conditions and standards. Connecting one or both DSAs is simple. The fundamental steps are to apply for membership, be invited by a current signatory position, and complete and file the completed and signed DSA (DSA 1 and/or DSA 2).