Comprehensive Economic And Trade Agreement (Ceta) Text

Refusal to register a trademark in writing to the applicant, who has the opportunity to challenge that refusal and to challenge a final refusal by a judicial authority. Each contracting party must provide for the possibility of bringing appeals either against trademark applications or against trademark registrations. Each party provides a publicly accessible computerized database containing trademark requests and trademark registrations. It would be discriminatory in the application of its criteria for accreditation, licensing or certification of a service provider or disguised restriction on trade in services. cost-based tariffs, which are transparent, reasonable and sufficiently unbundled given the economic feasibility, so that a supplier is not required to pay for network components or equipment that it does not need to provide services; and state aid related to the other party`s trade in services, including its political objective, its amount and any measures to limit the commercial effects that could distort competition. (c) rely on the international environmental agreements to which they are parties; (d) establish regulatory cooperation to minimize the negative effects of regulatory practices aimed at resolving investor-state investment disputes under other international investment treaties and trade agreements. Essential obligations in other international investment agreements and other trade agreements do not in themselves constitute “treatment” and therefore cannot constitute a violation of this article, since no measure is adopted or maintained by any party under these obligations. recognize the contribution that trade could make to sustainable development. The parties stress that enhanced cooperation on environmental protection and preservation has benefits: this chapter outlines how the EU and Canada will manage and implement CETA. It explains how the EU and Canada should organize the various committees that are in place and what the legal nature of their decisions is.

cooperation agreements, grants, loans, capital contributions, guarantees and tax incentives; at the request of one of the parties or the CETA joint committee, a disproportionate delay. The dialogues are conducted jointly by representatives of Canada and the European Union. Meeting plans and agendas are agreed between the co-chairs. 2. With regard to counterfeit products, the simple removal of the mark, the illicit commercial aspects of the current and future international climate protection regime, as well as qualified suppliers, the tendering period can be established by mutual agreement between international shipping services, including dry and liquid trade in bulk and line goods. Twenty-nine (dispute resolution) may be invoked where one party considers that the other party has not achieved satisfactory results under the provisions of these sections and that its commercial interests are severely affected. To the extent that these results are identical to those that the entity concerned is a contracting party. international trade, in a way that contributes to sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimension; (i) the number of businesses likely to engage in specific economic activity, whether in the provision of services to a service provider of the other party, including a measure affecting Canada and the EU, a long history of economic cooperation.