Bilateral Agreement Of Nepal

The Nepalese government has signed bilateral labour contracts with a small number of important target countries, namely Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia and Mauritius. The agreement signed with the United Arab Emirates in 2007 was extended on 14 June 2019. The Nepalese government has signed bilateral employment contracts with five major destination countries: the Kingdom of Bahrain (29 April 2008), the State of Qatar (21 April 2005), the United Arab Emirates (3 July 2007), the Republic of Korea (23 July 2007) and Japan (2009). The government is also considering signing employment contracts with Dem Oman, Lebanon and Malaysia. Under the agreement, Nepalese migrant workers who wish to work in Malaysia do not have to pay a fee to work there. Employers are responsible for all expenses on behalf of Nepalese workers, including expenses for reflection services, two-way tickets for travel to Malaysia, visa fees, medical check-up and worker safety investigation. The first investments of workers in medical examinations and security checks will be reimbursed during the first month of their activity in Malaysia. In October 2018, Nepal signed a labour agreement with Malaysia, the preferred target for Nepalese migrant workers. GFMD 2019 – Thematic workshop on the implementation of the GCM at the national level. – Agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Government of the State of Qatar on the use of Nepalese labour in the State of Qatar: general agreement on labour between the government of the Hasthite kingdom of Jordan and the Government of Nepal, signed on October 18, 2017. In the original: Download (Original); In German: download pdf . – Directive (with first amendment, 2010), 2009 for the detachment of Nepalese trainees to Japan: .

Contribute to evidence-based DM policies and practices. – joint declaration of intent between the Government of Nepal and the Government of the United Arab Emirates on labour. Agreement between the Nepalese government and the GOVERNMENT of the United Arab Emirates on the hiring, employment and repatriation of workers.