Bank Of America Deposit Account Agreement

Transfers sent outside the United States and initiated by consumers primarily for personal, family or household use (“Transfers”) are subject to federal law (see Section 5.F below). This agreement settles not only transfers, but also certain other transfers between your Bank of America-linked accounts and your accounts with other financial institutions or to another person`s account using an account number and a financial institution ID. “The concepts of the hornbook agency legislation require that between a bank and its depositor, the knowledge and actions of the depositor`s employee or agent be imputed to the depositor. A depositor has the knowledge of a dishonest collaborator responsible for comparing bank statements, since his own control of the depositor could have revealed the irregularity. This justification is tautological and only confirms the obvious. (Quotes omitted.)  338-39. Your chequing/savings account, investment account, or credit account No Connecticut court has considered the validity of a reduced limitation period in deposit contracts, but courts in other jurisdictions have approved it.   See Jamison v. First Georgia Bank, 193 Ga.App. 219, 387 p.E.2d 375 (1989);  Parent-Teacher Association, Public School 72 v. manufacturer Hannover Trust Company, 524 N.Y.S.2d 336 (1988);  Basse Truck Line, Inc. vs. Erste Staatsbank, 949 S.W.2d 17 (Tex.App.1997). Public order in Hyson v.

White Water Mountain Resorts of Connecticut, Inc., a. O., 265 Conn. 636, and Hanks v. Powder Ridge Restaurant Corp., a. a. O., 276 Conn. 314, to which the applicant refers, does not apply to the present case, since the applicant and the defendant represent demanding commercial entities;  see SNET Information Services, Inc. v. O`Neal, Superior Court, Judicial District of New Haven, Docket No CV 07 6001656 (15 March 2011, Fischer, J.);   and the type of risk allocation between operators of leisure facilities and the public implies a different public policy than that of the allocation of risks between a depositor and a bank. In support of its position that the applicant`s rights are contractually time-barred, the defendant submits the affidavit of Donna Hoskins Poitevien, the defendant`s official.   Poitevien confirms the relevant conditions of the deposit contract governing the applicant`s accounts with the defendant.   The filing agreement requires the applicant to inform the defendant within thirty days of sending the monthly statement if this monthly statement reflects unauthorized transactions.

  If the applicant fails to do so, the applicant is responsible for the wrongful cause and is excluded from the invocation before the defendant. . . .