Bailee Agreement Sample

All of these purchased mortgages and related mortgage credit documents are at all times covered by a bailee agreement and the buyer or owner will not disclose the mortgage credit documents to a custodian of the guarantee, unless the buyer or builder has obtained a signed loyalty agreement from that custodian, in a form acceptable to the buyer. This lease agreement will be interpreted in accordance with New York State laws and the obligations, rights and remedies of the parties will be established in accordance with those laws. Irrespective of the above, the parties herely recognize that Bailee may, in the course of a proposed transaction, be the seller`s legal counsel and represent the seller in litigation related to this lease agreement or transaction documents. The above indemnities are maintained in the event of termination or transfer of the leaseee agreement. In order to facilitate the implementation of this bailee agreement, as it relates to it and for other purposes, this bailee agreement can be executed simultaneously in any number of counterparties, of which each consideration is considered original, and these counterparties constitute the same instrument.