Ara Agreement

You can apply for a packaging compliance agreement by clicking on the button below: Rental Agreement: You can`t continue without a solid lease that protects you and your business. According to ARA`s Business Management: Contracts and Legal Guidelines, written by attorney James Waite, the purpose is: “To dictate virtually all rules (subject to applicable laws) that govern the relationship between an owner and his clients.” The main objective of the contract is to create “an agreement that addresses the specific species(ies) of the customers and that appropriately addresses the types of devices and goods offered by the lessor, taking into account its unique mix of equipment, customers, environment and circumstances.” ARA`s Business Management: Legal contracts and guidelines are at the heart of a lease agreement. It contains examples of clauses and additions to take into account for your rental agreement, depending on your nature of activity. This is a guide that you can check out and share with your lawyer. Black List (PDF) (Packaging of Hazardous Substances That Cannot Be Covered by an ARA Compliance Agreement) In order to alleviate the famine in Russia, Walter Lyman Brown, Director of the ARA in Europe, began negotiating in 1921 with the Soviet People`s Commissary for Foreign Affairs, Maxim Litvinov, in Riga, Latvia. An agreement was reached on August 21, 1921, and an additional implementation agreement was signed on December 30, 1921 by Brown and the People`s Commissary for Foreign Trade Leonid Krasin. The U.S. Congress injected $20,000,000 for aid under the Russian Faminen Relief Act of late 1921.