9 Day Fortnight Agreement

Lynne Borg (Injury Management Coordinator), Jarrod Girotto (Human Resources Officer) and Jennifer Marriott (Human Resources Advisor) have each entered into a flexible working agreement, it is important to note that the introduction of a 9-day 14-day plan does not reduce current leave entitlements (such as annual or sick leave). but only offers more flexibility and an extra day every 14 days, for which staff work every day overtime to enjoy. 20.1 Any flexible work agreement between an manager and an employee or a work unit is a stand-alone agreement and is not considered an acceptable precedent or business case for any other flexible work agreement to which another employee or work unit with his or her supervisor aspires. Any flexible work organization must meet the individual needs of the worker and the requirements of the company with the worker`s work unit, which aspires to a flexible work organization. It is hoped that the agreement will be resolved in the coming weeks for further consultations and discussions with the EUU. For health and safety reasons, some positions may not be suitable for a compressed worktop; and some may be more suited to a 9-day week than to a 4-day week. For example, the heavy positions of the keyboard are not suitable for longer working hours because of the risk of repeated injuries. Deborah O`Sullivan, MD at Ten2Two, said: “A 9-day 14-day program can be good for employers who are nervous about the commercial impact of authorizing a flexible work application in certain situations, especially if the team member is so advanced that he or she doesn`t feel like he can waste his time in case it impacts on daily business needs.” Mr. Girotto, who was free in his nine-day application on Friday, explained that “because of his experience, Fridays were the quietest days of the week… he would handle 1-5 calls and 1-2 walk-ins. He found that the only impact on customer service would be “where a caller wants to talk to him on a Friday and where he is on an RDO.” He stated that this problem could be resolved by installing a voicemail function on his phone or by a message recorded by another employee. Flexibility at work exists today in all kinds of shapes and sizes – and one of them is particularly filiform, on 9-day days. We look at what 9-day weeks are and how this could be a great flexible work option for you.

Ms. Marriott demonstrated that she was not aware of any problems with the 19-day agreement for her employment and that a voicemail function could be introduced. She was pleased that in nine days her RDO had not been taken on the same days as Ms Borg or Mr Girotto. Vice-President Lawler merely resolved the dispute that put in place an interpretation of the clause. The Council`s position was that, in the event of a proper construction of the clause, a request for a 14-day working time (RDO) was not an alternative flexible working agreement, given that the Union had requested nine days of negotiations for nine days during its negotiations on the enterprise agreement with the Council and the Council had expressly opposed it.